Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration in a Big City

Having been born and raised in the Bronx I was well aware of the hustle and bustle that would surround my Thanksgiving Holiday. However, I think it's important as a writer to change sceneries every once in a while...to take in new and exciting environments conducive to sparking a creative flow. I love nature and to be in it as it is a great inspiration to me and my writing. It's in a sense...hypnotic. Yet, I found my trip to the Big City to be equally inspiring. Perhaps it's the sparkling of the city lights or the fact that there is so much artistic talent in one place but regardless all I could think of while walking the city blocks was, "I can't wait to get back to my laptop to write". I am obviously an expressive person but what I am unable to convey with words I do with pictures. Good or bad shots you can guarantee I will have some kind of camera on me prepared to keepsake a lifetime of memories. An additional benefit is there is sometimes no need to add lyrics to a song...a picture often can speak for itself.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Key to Avoiding Hectic Holidays!

1. Buy what your children need when they need it. Nothing a kid considers more boring than receiving socks for Christmas.

2. Buy special gifts for your friends/family all year long when DESERVED. No need to wait for this one time of year to pile it all on.

3. Do not try to buy anyone's love with gifts. Most of the time he/she rather have your time.

4. Buy gifts that promote quality time. There are plenty of Xbox games you can play together.

5. Instead of buying gifts for Christmas consider buying only one or two gifts and spending the rest of that money on a vacation.

6. Nothing teaches us about the spirit of Christmas more than serving. Even if you do not have children serving others can bring a special joy within that far out values gifts you buy in a store.

7. Buy gifts online. Nowadays online deals equal that of Black Fridays and No Lines. If you must go out this day spend it at the movies with friends/family.

8. Group Shop! Yes, if you insist on Black Friday Shopping you might as well do it together and make the most out of it. Besides, you have more resources this way.

9. Let's not forget the spirit of the holidays. Avoid confrontations and unnecessary bickering in stores. Nothing is worth breaking your holiday spirit.

10. Take a moment and reflect on why you or your family celebrate the holidays. Is it a fat jolly man in a suit or does it have a faith connection? Either way, its always a good idea to reflect on our actions and reasonings in doing what we do not just on certain occasions but on a daily basis.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Written Word

Ever wonder why people are addicted to social media websites and blogging? Sure, one of the reasons is because we're naturally curious creatures who have an appetite for secrets and gossip but its also because, for most people, writing down thoughts provide a sense of relief and expression. I remember in my very first literature class my professor had us keep journals. I honestly could not see the sense of it at the time but now I understand only to clearly. The fact is it is very therapeutic. There are things some of us want to say that have been buried down deep in our hearts but it has been hard to vocalize; either we're afraid of the reaction others will have to our words or perhaps it forces us to seek a resolution we are not prepared for. Self expression can be scary...we open ourselves up to all sorts of rejections and/or criticisms and it can have a devastating impact on us. Now that does not mean there will be less rejection/criticism with the written word but it can lesson the blow. There are even many thoughts that are perfectly okay to write down without sharing (I.e. diary/journal). Still there are times when we need to say things to people directly and we have the right to do so. Now that does not mean we should get on Facebook and tell Lisa off on her wall or profess our love to that friend we can not stop thinking about (some things should obviously be said/ or written in a one-on-one conversation) but there's nothing wrong with writing on your sibling's wall to say "I love you" or telling your bud or BFF how much you appreciate them (so long as you know the other person would be cool with it)... Not everyone does good with public displays of affection. Even when we are consumed with negative emotions such as anger or jealousy, writing out our feelings in a journal can be very soothing. I have heard where people write out frustrated emails to their employers without sending it. I would not recommend this method only because an accidental slip can be bad...really really bad. Still, there's no harm in writing a letter. So, the next time you have something on your mind and you have a need to release those thoughts consider writing them in a journal and see if it provides you with all the release you need.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting past Writer's Block

Have you ever stood there watching the white abyss of your computer screen for hours? You keep telling yourself "any moment now" as if expecting a masterpiece to magically appear. How did that work out for you? Yeah, not so hot on my end either. Luckily, this is neither uncommon or permanent. Sometimes our brains and sometimes emotions are holding a bit too much and this can lead to a "burn out". It happens. Whatever you do do not get discouraged and for no reason whatsoever are you to give up. Try taking a walk, listening to your favorite music or even taking a hot bath. Grab a book and begin reading...after all An avid reader makes a great writer. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just write. It makes no difference if your first few paragraphs make absolute no sense. The point is to get your creative juices flowing again and the best way to do that is by just doing it. Luckily, advancements in technology and word processing software have made it easy to delete what you do not like. Now if you are old school and still prefer the notepad and paper method I hope you have a few erasures on hand....whiteout might work too!

Have you ever had Writer's Block? How did you get over it?