Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspiration in a Big City

Having been born and raised in the Bronx I was well aware of the hustle and bustle that would surround my Thanksgiving Holiday. However, I think it's important as a writer to change sceneries every once in a while...to take in new and exciting environments conducive to sparking a creative flow. I love nature and to be in it as it is a great inspiration to me and my writing. It's in a sense...hypnotic. Yet, I found my trip to the Big City to be equally inspiring. Perhaps it's the sparkling of the city lights or the fact that there is so much artistic talent in one place but regardless all I could think of while walking the city blocks was, "I can't wait to get back to my laptop to write". I am obviously an expressive person but what I am unable to convey with words I do with pictures. Good or bad shots you can guarantee I will have some kind of camera on me prepared to keepsake a lifetime of memories. An additional benefit is there is sometimes no need to add lyrics to a song...a picture often can speak for itself.

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